Accessibility at Megapolis Hotel Panama 

At Megapolis Hotel Panama, we prioritize accessibility to ensure all our guests have a comfortable and inclusive stay. Our commitment to inclusivity is reflected in the following features: 

Common Areas: 

  • Access ramps for easy movement. 

  • Handrails for additional support. 

  • Spacious elevators designed to accommodate wheelchairs. 

  • All signs in Braille to facilitate navigation. 

  • 24-hour security personnel for assistance and peace of mind. 

Guest Rooms: 

  • Support handrails in toilets and showers for enhanced safety. 

  • Adapted toilet facilities for convenience. 

  • Tilted bathroom mirrors for improved accessibility. 

  • Suitable peepholes in doors to accommodate varying heights. 

  • Non-slip flooring throughout for added safety. 

  • Shower chairs available for use. 

At Megapolis Hotel Panama, we are dedicated to providing a welcoming environment for all our guests, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for everyone.